The Good Life


The Good Life

We know what you’re thinking… Tom and Barbra, Jerry and Margo; the all British sitcom from the 70s, large collared shirts and flares a-plenty??

Fear not, we aren’t planning a trip back in time to see Penelope Keith attempting to catch chickens.  No, no, we’ve simply chosen to adopt the name of this timeless classic and apply it to very own social venture.

We are working with local Schools and other Charities to establish an apprenticeship programme right here at The Boho Bakery – a programme that will equip young people with the skills they need to lead ‘The Good Life’.

It is our eventual aim to provide full and part-time rolls for young people who have been taken out of mainstream education due to the development of an Eating Disorder.  The Good Life Programme will involve the Boho Bakers teaching the young people practical skills but, most importantly using the process of working with food as therapy in order to help them overcome their difficulties.

For now though, whilst we seek out funding and such like, the original Boho Baker; our founding director, Pennie, is out promoting The Good Life, herself running miniature programmes and telling the story of her own battle with Anorexia in local Schools, Eating Disorder Services and Youth Centres.

To learn more about her story and how her journey led her to setting up a bakery – no, the irony isn’t lost on us – check out our Blog.

If you would like her to come and speak in your School, Youth Centre or anywhere else for that matter; or if you would like to donate some money towards The Good Life’s cause then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.