The Boho Way

The Boho Way...


Original, alternative, experimental, artistic, unconventional, and free-spirited…

… All all words used to define ‘Bohemian’.  The Boho Bakery has been born of and built around such principles.

We work to develop original recipes, using alternative ingredients.  We are experimental in our pursuit of new styles and flavour combinations.

We believe that food should taste as good as it looks and, like-wise, look as good as it tastes, using our artistic abilities to hand style each and every one of our creations; from Bespoke Wedding Cakes through to Boho Boxes.

We offer less conventional, alternatives to the more traditional styles of Wedding and Celebration Cakes.  Specialising in the bespoke, we work with our clients to ensure that all of our Bespoke bakes are as individual and free-spirited as those who seek them.

We are also wanderers, going wherever we are needed, delivering our Bespoke Bakes across the South West and loving every second of it!

Here at Boho we also believe in giving back and want to help others to be free.  Check out our project, ‘The Good Life’ for more information on how we hope to do that more and more over the next few years…