Boho Boxes

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Boho Box

the greatest gift of all…

Our Boho Boxes are made to order – a medley of sweet treats selected by you and delivered right to your door.  Great gifts for any occasion.  Birthdays, Valentines day, Mondays… They really are the perfect way to send a ‘howdy’, ‘thank you’ or ‘chin up’ to friends, family and, sometimes, to yourself!!


Boho boxes come in two sizes…

BIG – contains 25 nuggets of joy – perfect for sharing… or, equally, a manageable amount for a solo feast! – £28

BIGGER – this whopper contains 81 brilliant bites – perfect fodder for a gathering of sweet toothed souls – £88


Sending a Boho Box is just as easy as easy can be… simply complete the five steps below and we’ll have your Boho Box chocker with treats, topped with a hand written message (should you so wish?) and into the post person’s hand quicker than you can say, ‘salted caramel brownie’.





Step one:

Decide who is most worthy to receive such a treat.

STEP two:

Decide upon the kind of bites you would like to send – Select up to two different flavours from the list below.

raspberry Brownies
Salted Caramel Brownies
Raspberry Swirl Blondies
Berry and Lemon Coconut Ice
Mrs Foster’s Thing (it’s like tiffin)

step three:

Think about what it is that you would like to say?  For example:

‘Babe, you are AWESOME.  Love from Ottie’
‘happy birthday blondie xxx’
or how about…
‘Sugar for my sugar… that’s YOU!’

Whatever it is, we’ll write your message on a little notelet (it’s a dainty sort of card so keep your message to 70 characters max – like a tiny tweet, a minature homage if you will); decorate it up Boho style and pop it atop your traybake selection.






STEP four:

Give us the deets…
Where you want your Boho Box sent; your chosen one’s full name and address…

Evangeline dream,
16 Boho Place,
(we totally made that one up!!)

… And when you want it delivered… dates way in the future are always dandy but if the occasion is looming close, well that’s no problemo amigos!  We’re not yet equipped to manage a next day delivery – we still rely on the Royal-est of all the mails, but can usually manage the day after tomorrow as it were…

STEP five:

Put all this info into a message below, fire it across to us here at Boho HQ and we’ll do the rest.

Hopefully that all makes sense but if you have any questions at all, just drop us a line or give us a call!

Happy creating!! xx







your order…